If you are looking for a very exclusive high end custom and premium quality wheel with some OEM looks, RS QUATTRO is able to offer you a solution.

We designed a new line of wheels called “RSQ One” with simply no compromise on quality and technical aspects.

Two versions are currently available: RSQone and RSQone SL.

The RSQone design is basically for all customers looking to keep an “OEM Rotor” look while have flexibility in spec and finishes achieving an OEM+ look.

The RSQone SL is a “Super Light” (SL) version of the RSQone design, where the engineering department further removed material from all possible places in the design while retaining the rigidity required.

We than designed the RSQ Two with some OEM inspiration while taking much more liberty

From there we more recently designed a "race" 7 double spoke wheel design inspired from the Bugatti Chiron concept car that we dicided to call the RSQi

All these designs exist in 2 or 3 piece assembly technology with different concave profiles, asymmetrical if desired and with visible or hidden assembly hardware as whell as a 20/20 variant 

We can have them made in diameters ranging from 18 to 23 inches, widths ranging from 8 to 13 inches, any offsets, OEM bolt pattern, and center hub exact match avoiding the need for center rings.

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RSQone (3 piece) RSQone SL (3 piece) RSQone (2 piece) RSQone SL (2 piece)